KITTEC devices: AB sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank, which is also known as a glaze and clay separator, is used to keep glazes, clays and engobe residue out of the sewer system.

The sedimentation tank is fitted beneath the wash basin. The separable substances in the waste water settle on the bottom of the basin via the simple but highly eff ective three-chamber system. This prevents pipe blockages and protects the environment, and adherences to the waste water regulations is no longer a problem.

KITTEC Absetzbecken AB

Icon Check Orange  Wash basin connection

Icon Check Orange  Made from hard-wearing plastic

Icon Check Orange  Siphon set for waste water connection

Icon Check Orange  Including 4 swivel castors with locking brake

Optionally available:

  • Cover for the sedimentation tank
  • Alternative basin height: 10 cm lower
  • Special sizes by request

AB sedimentation tank

KITTEC AB sedimentation tank

Model Length
Height with castors (mm) No. of chambers Inlet and outlet diameter (mm) Height of inlet
Height of outlet
AB 610 410 530 3 40 630 370 ± 10 10

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