CLASSIC-LINE extension rings

The KITTEC CLASSIC-LINE extension rings (with own heating elements) for the CB and SQ model series bring additional volume and therefore more space and flexibility.


For the KITTEC CLASSIC-LINE CB and SQ models we can supply retrofittable extension rings for certain kiln sizes. You therefore have the advantage of a lower initial investment, but you can also extend your kiln to give it a bigger firing chamber at any time in an uncomplicated way. This gives you more room for more or bigger wares. The power density remains the same, since the extension rings have their own heating elements. In this way, extending a CB 70 S to a CB 100 S provides additional volume of 34 l, 230 mm more height and 3.0 kW more output. Another advantage of the modular design is easier transport, also through narrow door openings (from door width of 50 cm), since the kiln can be completely reassembled at the installation location if necessary.



Icon Check OrangePreserving the environment / resources: Bigger firing chamber possible because of extension ring (1 kiln, 2 firing chamber sizes)

Icon Check OrangeMinimised energy consumption: Adapted energy consumption using the smaller firing chamber

Icon Check OrangeEasier transport / handling: The divisibility of all extendible or extended models makes transport through the narrowest of door openings possible (from door width of 50 cm).

Icon Check OrangeEconomical: 1 kiln with an extension ring is cheaper and more energy saving than 2 kilns

Icon Check OrangeFlexibility: The kiln that grows with you – extension ring for extendible models can also be purchased later

KITTEC Brennofen CB ohne Ring

KITTEC Brennofen CB130 Erweiterung auf CB190

KITTEC Brennofen SQ erweitert

KITTEC Brennofen SQ ohne Ring

CLASSIC-LINE extension rings

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