KITTEC equipment: Clay container TB

Clay that has been stored correctly remains malleable for longer

The clay container consists of hard-wearing plastic with a smooth inner wall and recessed handles. A suitable trolley is optionally available for each type of clay container. The almost hermetically sealed lid makes proper storage of the clay possible.

Icon Check Orange Resistant to heat and cold

Icon Check Orange Light, but extremely stable

Icon Check Orange Robust, extremely durable

Icon Check Orange Easy to clean

Optionally available:

Deckel KITTEC Tonbehälter

Icon Check Orange Lid for clay container

varies depending on the type

Rollengestell für KITTEC Tonbehälter

Icon Check Orange Trolley for clay container

varies depending on the type

KITTEC clay container TB

TB TYPE Interior width (mm) Interior

Interior height
Overall width (mm) Overall
Overall height
Total height including lid (mm) Total height incl. lid & rollers (mm) Material Colour Weight
TB 100 570 370 415 88 600 400 420 440 520  PP Grey
TB 200 770 570 405 178 800 600 420 440 520 PP Grey 8
TB 760 1110 710 610 535 1200 800 790 830 940 PP Grey 37

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