KITTEC STUDIO-LINE, CBR model series, Raku top and front-loaders up to 1,150 °C

Raku – a firing technique from the Far east. Each ceramic produced here is unique, unmistakable and not reproducible. Our raku kilns are characterised by the fact that they are easy to transport, have very short heating-up times and are
easy to handle.

In recent years, Raku firing has become quite a boom. Each ceramic produced here is unique, unmistakable and not reproducible.
The firing material is sprayed and is usually glazed before it is heated to between 750 and 1,050 °C. It is removed while glowing from the hot kiln with the Raku forceps. It is then cooled by placing it in a container with sawdust, leaves or grass. Immersion in water ultimately changes the glaze again. This allows everyone to develop their own technique in order to give a personal touch to their ceramic. This always makes Raku exciting.

Raku kilns are characterised in that they are easy to transport. Easy handling and very short heat-up times are also desirable. All these advantages are combined within the KITTEC CBR Raku kiln. It is thus an inexpensive and robust alternative to self-built
”Raku-casks“ – ceramic-fibre-free and durable. And all of this with an excellent price-performance ratio.


  • Optional: Extremely quiet, highly adjustable high-performance burner
  • Easy to transport due to detachable legs
  • Optional: Bottle connection with matching quick-release connector for our burners incl. pressure regulator, pressure gauge and gas hose rupture safety device
  • Optional: Temperature indicator battery-powered
  • Optional: Built-in and protected thermocouple for temperature detection
  • Optional: Transport castors (two of the four castors with brakes)
  • Optional: Levelling feet
  • Special dimensions and CBRB Raku ring kiln on request


KITTEC STUDIO-LINE CBR-T model series, Raku top-loaders



KITTEC STUDIO-LINE CBR-F model series, Raku front-loaders


Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to Kittec Studio-Line kilns are available here.
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