KITTEC STUDIO-LINE, Squadro SQ model series, electric top-loaders up to 1,320 °C

As the first manufacturer worldwide, Kittec offers square kilns without the heavy, bulky steel frame. As a result, these kilns are very easy to transport, they will fit through any door larger than 50 cm in width. In addition, they have the unique possibility of expansion through an extension ring.

  • Lid can be opened wide (>90°)
  • Two-layer insulation:
    • Fire bricks + high-quality Microtherm® – insulation with all SQ 50 and 70 SQ models
    • Fire bricks + Superwool (ceramic-fibre-free) for all other models
  • Optional Microtherm® insulation instead of Superwool for low energy consumption


Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to Kittec Studio-Line kilns are available here.
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