IMPORTANT!!! – What to do in the event of transport damage?



Dear customers,


Despite use of appropriate packaging, and the efforts of everyone involved to always deliver goods in perfect condition to you, transport damage may unfortunately still occur. It is therefore extremely important that you inspect your shipment for damage upon delivery.

Please document any damage found and record this in the transport/shipping documents! If you fail to observe this procedure, it will not be possible to enforce any claims against us or the forwarding agent commissioned by us.

It is imperative that you check the shipment for visible signs of damage, BEFORE the proof of delivery is signed.
With your signature you confirm completeness and perfect condition of the goods. So before signing the papers, it is absolutely necessary that you check the goods!


 +++  Unpack and thoroughly check the goods!  +++ 

The courier service/forwarding agent has to have patience and wait until you have unpacked and checked the shipment for transport damages. Drivers notoriously don’t like that, but it is your right and can be done quite quickly:

  1. cut the 4 straps at the lower part of the pallet with a pair of scissors
  2. remove the hood made of cardboard and stretch film, by lifting it off.
  3. check the kiln for damage, both outside and inside.

If the driver is unwilling to wait until you have unpacked/checked the delivery,

==>  please note on the delivery receipt „driver was unwilling to wait – packaging was undamaged – acceptance with reservations“


+++ Decline acceptance of delivery if damage is visible! +++

If the external packaging is obviously damaged or if you recognize any other clear signs of damaged goods like noises of loose or broken parts,

==> you must refuse acceptance of the delivery!

The shipment will be returned and registered as a case of damage.

In this case, please contact your dealer immediately so that a replacement delivery can be initiated as quickly as possible.


In case of damage during transport we both have a common interest in resolving the matter as quickly as possible and claiming for compensation against the party liable for the damage. If the steps above are observed, then we will be able to solve the matter without difficulties.


Thank you very much for your understanding and your effort!


Your KITTEC Team!