KITTEC‘s CLASSIC-LINE isn’t just suitable only for sporadic use in schools or as a hobby. With their robust and sturdy construction, these kilns offer a long service life and qualify for frequent use. We are talking about kilns with a classic design, „as you know it“. With their high-quality finishing and a balanced price/performance ratio they are an interesting alternative also for professionals.
The KITTEC CLASSIC-LINE kilns with their 3- or 5-sided heating
ensure an all-round optimal temperature distribution. Heating is provided by premium heating elements, which either lie well-protected in brick grooves or are installed on support bars to ensure an even more efficient heat emission and
a higher life-expectancy.
Distinguishing properties of this Product Line:

  • Platinum rhodium thermocouple for temperature detection – mounted free of wear and break-proof
  • Joint-less mortar-free firing chamber protects against cracking in the fire bricks
  • Wall bracket for the control
  • Lockable stainless steel door lock
  • Legs can be taken apart for easy transport
  • High-quality industrial plug connection for kilns and control, standard IP55
  • Stainless steel plates on the sides, at the door and the lintel
  • Steel frame powder-coated, on request in the colours charcoal grey, green, yellow, red, silver and blue
  • Perforated sheet metal on the kiln to protect against heat and moisture
  • Very robust, adjustable door hinge
  • Large door opening angle – easy loading
  • Tested safety door switch – forced separation
  • Kanthal heating elements with a low surface load ensuring a long service life
  • Ergonomic door handle
  • Three-layer insulation for low energy consumption
  • Bypass exhaust air system on the side, making it condensation proof
  • SIC cover plate to protect against contamination of the firing material from the lid above


Optional extra features:

  • Adjustable air bottom valve
  • Heat-resistant SIC floor covering
  • Exhaust air hole and door hinge on the left side
  • Legs with castors for easy moving of the kiln
  • Firing sets made of plates and supports, suitable for every type of kiln
  • Observation hole in the door for checking the firing material
  • Supply air and / or exhaust air valve control
  • Supply air ventilator
  • Multi-zone control system
  • Solid-state relay (noiseless)
  • Temperature up to 1,350 °C
  • Loading frame
  • External power supply for the control (with night-time electricity)

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