KITTEC INDUSTRIAL-LINE CLL laboratory kilns model series, up to 1,400 °C

The heating coils of the CLL laboratory kilns are on support bars. The five-layer insulation structure is the guarantee of a low energy requirement. The 5-sided heating provides optimum temperature distribution, even in the upper temperature range. The low surface load of the Kanthal heating elements leads to less wear and tear and a long service life. The housing structure with all-round rear ventilation provides excellent corrosion protection. The use of stainless steel supports this protection to a considerable extent.

The SiC ceiling plate is an absolute innovation in kiln construction: No contamination of the ware by brick dust from the ceiling. The steel frame is extremely robust and has a stable door mounting. The covers of the electrical connections of the door heating elements are integrated in the steel structure of the door. The frame of the kiln is provided with hard- wearing industrial lacquer in powder coating. The side panels are made from stainless steel.


Features of the model series CLL:

  • Five-sided heating on support bars
  • High-quality and innovative five-layer premium insulation for the lowest energy consumption and the fastest heating, also in the upper temperature range.
  • APM heating elements on Alsint support bars (CLL-H only)
  • Reduction-resistant lightweight refractory brick lining
  • Hearth heating covered and protected by SiC plate
  • Central exhaust cowl at rear for exhaust pipe or hose
  • Industrial quality door hinges, adjustable
  • Door lintel made of V2A stainless steel, rustproof
  • Continuous mortar-free brick lining reduces cracking
  • Extremely solid lightweight refractory brick ASTM 26 (CLL- H) or ASTM 28 (CLL-H) in regions with considerablemechanical stress
  • Perforated sheet metal on the kiln to prevent moisture build-up
  • Adjustable door lock with locking eyelet
  • Door safety switch with positive break
  • Stainless steel side panels with rear ventilation for low outside temperatures fulfil the industrial standards
  • Easy and wide door opening (> 150°)
  • Removable pair of legs for easier transport
  • Customised products possible at any time


Optionally available:

  • Inspection hole (including bung)
  • Levelling feet
  • Transport castors (up to 400 kg or 1,000 kg)
  • Hearth air inlet slide valve (without drip tray)
  • 2-zone or 3-zone controller
  • Door hinge on left and controller on right
  • Parallel swing door and heat shield
  • Manual lifting door
  • 4 crane eyelets including frame reinforcement
  • Manual exhaust flap
  • Automatically controlled exhaust flap (via TC)
  • Automatically controlled supply air flap (via TC)
  • Manually or automatically controlled cooling fan (via TC)
  • Temperature selection limiter (watchdog)
  • Semi-gas tight version including protective gas connection
  • Semiconductor relay (silent)
    The electronic semiconductor relay is used instead of the protection
    contact, and makes silent switching procedures possible during firing.
  • APM heating elements on Alsint support bars (standard on CLL-H models)
  • Different controllers available

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