The KITTEC ® Clay Press TP is based on a simple, but very sophisticated technique, with which potters can make clay strands for their
The container for the clay mass can be filled with a whole 12.5 kg of blank clay. By a slight, downward movement of the ratchet lever, the clay is pressed through an individually selected template on the bottom of the container. Depending on the shape of the template, hollow round, rectangular or octagonal clay strands are produced.

The KITTEC ® Clay Press TP can be mounted on sturdy concrete, wood or brick walls. As an option, however, we also offer a special frame, which only has to be fixed to the floor.

  • Excellent power transfer: Gear- wheel + gear rack
  • Extremely low effort due to the quality ratchet
  • Quick release for easy changing of templates
  • Extendible lever
  • Extra-large cylinder for a complete clay blank!
  • Standard templates (Basic equipment)
  • Optional: 12-part template set
  • A variety of clay strands for individual creations
  • Fully galvanised
  • Developed jointly with specialist retailers!
  • Test seal for quality assurance
  • Optional: With support stand



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