KITTEC® STUDIO-LINE, CBN model series, electric front-loaders up to 1.320°C

For the budget-conscious ceramist
The Kittec® Studio-Line CBN front-loaders are characterised by a heating system with heating elements in grooved bricks. They are well protected and integrated into the wall structure. Three-sided all-round heating (from CBN 100 S) ensures good temperature distribution.


The Kittec® CBN models are equipped with a heating system in grooved bricks. Our quality plus: All CBN front-loaders are equipped with a rear insulation – safety for optimum temperature rise even in the upper temperature range!
With the Kittec® CBN Studio-Line front-loaders we are deliberately using a frame of coated steel and smooth surfaces made of stainless steel. The stainless steel parts are absolutely rust-free and vouch for our quality.
State-of-the-art environmentally friendly processes in stainless steel processing ensure the latest standards with precision.
The powder-coated steel frame can be ordered in the colours charcoal grey, green,
yellow, red or silver.

  • Exhaust air connection on the back, condensation proof
  • Optional: Supply bottom valve + supply air hole in the base
  • Two-layer insulation: Fire bricks + high quality, ceramic-fibre-free insulation
  • ESP Energy saving package for extremely low energy consumption standard with some models, optional with others
  • Body added without mortar, no cracking
  • Door can be opened wide (approx. 170°)
  • Safety door switch, forced separation

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