KITTEC® INDUSTRIAL-LINE HSQ model series, square electric bell furnaces up to 1.320 °C

The Kittec® bell furnaces of the HSQ series offer the great advantage of
simple loading, not only in the field of ceramics and art, but also in the industrial sector. The base plate is freely accessible, and the workpiece has to be lifted only a few centimetres. This ergonomic advantage makes work a lot easier.

Our bell furnaces are particularly suitable for very heavy or very high work-pieces, such as sculptures or larger glass or metal parts. The electrical heating system is located in the hood. Once the loading is complete, the kiln is closed by lowering the hood, and can then be heated. After firing or heat treatment, the hood is raised by the mechanism and the work-pieces can be removed easily and ergonomically.

  • Base area of the kiln square
  • Firing space volume of approximately 220 to 440 litres
  • Ideal for sculptures, large vessels or individual pieces
  • Firing temperature up to 1320 °C
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Suitable for large individual pieces and serial productions
  • 2 years warranty
  • Custom designs are possible at any time



The technology and equipment of our products have always been designed for many years of use in workshops and industrial operation. We use high-quality materials and components for our industrial kilns, which come from well-known manufacturers.

Distinguishing properties:

  • Stainless steel components
  • Low outside temperature due to multi-layer lining with high insulation
  • Durable brick lining
  • Suitable for use under harsh industrial conditions
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Numerous controls possible
  • Kilns for a wide variety of applications