PROFESSIONAL-LINE XT model series, stainless steel electric front-loaders up to 1.320 °C

The Kittec® XT series are heated by heating coils mounted on Sillimantin carrying bars.
The advantage: Free radiation of the heating elements. The elaborate, high-quality processing of the series along with these carrying bars guarantees the longest possible service life.

Of course, the XT model series also offers the five-sided all-round heating system with optimum temperature distribution for consistent homogeneous firing results. This ensures consistent high-quality results under the challenging day-to-day demands of professional craftsmanship and industry, for years to come.

The KITTEC Professional-LINE kilns are the highlight of the new era of KITTEC kilns. The distinctive features are the housing and frame made entirely of stainless steel. Height-adjustable feet are just as unique as the SIC lid panels and the slats with rear ventilation.

The entire firing process is controlled by a digital control system. This allows you to decide the time and temperature, and there are also reliable fixed programmes. To start the firing process, simply select a firing curve. The sequence is then automatic.

The microprocessor control with the digitally savable firing curves and the accurate temperature measurement with the platinum rhodium thermocouple allow you to determine your firings in the kilns and to repeat them at any time. The most appropriate control for your application depends on the firing curve you need.