Lost-wax casting, thermal treatment, prototyping, and much more.. – High-end kilns and furnaces für various purposes!

The technology and equipment of our products have always been designed for many years of use in workshop and industrial operation. We use high-quality materials and components for our kilns, which come from well known manufacturers.

Our kilns are designed for regular use within the specified temperature
range. They are carefully calculated, assembled and inspected
only then do they leave our facilities – for this purpose, the final
check by the inspectors is marked on the seal of approval with
their name. We offer a three year warranty on our kilns, heating
elements excluded.

You will receive our kilns through the specialist trader, who will provide you with advice and assistance.
We would be happy to name a partner near you.



Stainless steel components

Low outside temperature due to multi-layer lining with high insulation

Durable brick lining

Suitable for use under harsh industrial conditions

Rapid heat-up time

Even temperature distribution

Various controls possible

Kilns for a wide variety of applications