Applications for KITTEC kilns and furnaces

Much more than “just ceramics”

The classic use case for kilns and furnaces was, and is, the firing of ceramic wares. But over the years, many new industrial use cases have been found.
Below we’d like to present some interesting examples to you, covering various temperature ranges.

Selected use cases

Ferritizing is mainly used for cast iron workpieces in order to achieve a soft, ferritic microstructure, which is necessary, e.g. for the… [read more]

Hardening of ferrous materials (steel and cast iron) is used to increase their hardness, and can be achieved by combining, among other things, thermal… [read more]

Solution heat treatment: When processing austenitic, stainless steels, undesirable changes in the material structure may occur, which may affect the material properties… [read more]

Pearlitizing is mainly used on cast iron workpieces to produce a fully or partially pearlitic microstructure, thereby increasing the strength… [read more]

Stress relief annealing reduces internal stresses in a workpiece, which occur mainly in metallic workpieces which… [read more]

Cleaning particulate filters: Diesel particulate filters can become clogged with too much soot, especially if the vehicle is only used for short distances… [read more]

Of course, Kittec also offers suitable kilns and furnaces for all these applications.

In our Industrial-Line product line, you’ll find our range of annealing and hardening furnaces. We’d like to point you specifically to our CLM and CLU , as well as to our bogie hearth furnaces of the CTH model series. You will also find useful equipment like hardening tables in our product catalogue.

Depending on what application you have for them, our customn construction department is here to develop tailor-made custom solutions for you. Our experts will be happy to advise you individually  and to help you find a suitable solution from our wide range of products.

For more than 40 years, we have been specialists in kilns for a wide range of applications, from private use to industrial production. We will be happy to advise you personally which of our kilns is best suited to your needs. Our selection of kilns varies in design, size and desired temperature range.