KITTEC spray booth SB1

The KITTEC SB1 spray booth provides a dust-free working environment when spraying on glazes or ceramic inks. The booths have a working area which is closed all round and only open at the front. Inside the booth, a suction fan generates negative pressure so that fine glaze/ink particles cannot escape from the spray booth.

The KITTEC SB1 spray booth is ideal for small workshops, and is designed as a circulating air model. The air that is drawn in is discharged into the room after being cleaned by filtering. The robust and durable metal fi lter has several off set filter inserts. The cleaned air is led back into the workshop at the rear. To clean the galvanised metal filter, simply remove it from its guide and clean it under running water.

The KITTEC SB1 spray booth can be placed on a table or the provided base can be used. It is made from solid steel and is supplied ready for use. A banding wheel for putting down and moving workpieces inside the KITTEC SB1 spray booth can be optionally ordered.

KITTEC Spritzkabine SB1

KITTEC Spritzkabine SB

KITTEC Spritzkabine SB Filter

KITTEC Spritzkabine SB Ventilator

Icon Check Orange Powerful suction fan
Icon Check Orange Galvanised metal filter, easy to clean

KITTEC spray booth SB1

Model Interior width
Interior depth
Interior height
Overall width
Overall height
Suction power
SB1 610 460 610 650 1500 2450 230 60

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