FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers

Welcome to the FAQ page for KITTEC kilns! Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about our high-quality kilns. We understand that acquiring and operating a kiln can raise questions, so we’ve created this overview to assist you in addressing your concerns.

From basic information about KITTEC kilns to proper usage and technical tips, we’ve compiled everything for your convenience. Browse through the questions and answers!

If you have further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you at any time.

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Where can I purchase a KITTEC kiln?

Our KITTEC kilns are available through KITTEC authorized dealers. We work closely with our national and international partners to ensure that you receive expert advice on firing and the best possible service.

To learn more about our kilns, we will gladly find a KITTEC dealer near you and provide contact details. Our authorized dealers have comprehensive information and can assist you in selecting the appropriate kiln and accessories for your specific needs. They are ready to share their expertise and support you with any questions or concerns.

Reach out and let us know your location. We will promptly connect you with a nearby KITTEC dealer.

What temperatures can be reached with KITTEC kilns?

The maximum temperatures of KITTEC kilns vary depending on kiln model. In most cases, our kilns are designed to reach temperatures up to 1,320°C. For special applications, in particular for industrial use, we also offer kilns with temperatures up to 1,400°C or 1,800°C. You can find the specific maximum temperature of your KITTEC kiln on the nameplate.

Does KITTEC offer custom-made designs and special kilns?

Our service goes beyond the standard offerings – we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions and kilns designed for specific applications. We understand that each customer has unique requirements, therefore we offer both custom-made designs and special options for our standard kiln models.

Our goal is to meet your specific needs for a kiln. Our experienced technical team has already successfully implemented a great variety of special constructions and is always ready to take on new technical challenges.

Does KITTEC offer suitable accessories for kilns?

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for our KITTEC kilns. Our offerings include KITTEC devices such as spray booths, clay presses, and various KITTEC slab rollers, as well as additional equipment like clay containers or banding wheels with different diameters and heights.

Matching your kiln model, we are providing user-friendly controllers (thermocomputers) and high-quality furniture sets.

Our products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of our kilns, allowing you precise control and professional firing procedures. Explore our wide product range and benefit from comprehensive equipment.

Which KITTEC kilns are suitable for industrial use?

Due to their solid construction, our KITTEC kilns have a long service life and are generally suitable for regular use in workshops and in industrial settings. For specific industrial applications, KITTEC offers a specially designed product line. Our INDUSTRIAL-LINE includes bogie hearth furnaces, annealing kilns, hardening kilns, chamber kilns, bell kilns, sintering kilns, and melting kilns. These models are engineered to meet the high demands of their respective fields and achieve optimal results.

If you have questions about the individual kiln models, our experts are available for your assistance. Feel free to get in touch with us!

What is included in a furniture set and what is it used for?

With a KITTEC furniture set, you have the option to distribute your pottery ware on several levels within the kiln, allowing you to fire multiple items simultaneously. A KITTEC furniture set includes high-quality, heat-resistant firing shelves, tailored to the shape and size of your kiln, along with an appropriate number of props, ceramic stilts, and cordierite blocks for the bottom layer of the kiln.

Our furniture set table provides you with a detailed overview and indicates which furniture set is recommended for your KITTEC kiln.

What is NewGen ESP?

NewGen ESP is the name of our brand new lining for KITTEC kilns. For the NewGen ESP kiln option, we use a novel type of foam ceramic brick, thereby providing a range of advantages to future kiln owners.

Contact us for more information about this new KITTEC kiln lining or read more about the benefits on our Website.