KITTEC INDUSTRIAL-LINE CTH model series, electric bogie hearth kilns up to 1,320 °C

The Kittec CTH models are equipped with a heating system on carrying bars. The elaborate, high-quality processing of the series along with these carrying bars guarantees a long service life.

The five-sided all-round heating system ensures uniform homogeneous firing results thanks to optimal temperature distribution. High-quality fire bricks and the multi-layered rear insulation allow an absolutely even temperature distribution and a maximum firing temperature of 1,320 °C.

All CTH models are also available with gas heating.


Our quality plus:
All CTH bogie hearth kilns are equipped with a 2-zone control unit – safety for optimum and even temperature rise even in the upper temperature range!
Only high-quality materials and components from wellknown manufacturers are used for the bogie hearth kiln series. Our specialists install everything in our manufacturing facility with the utmost of precision.


Special features of the CTH model series:

  • R-SIC lid plate, no contamination
  • Five-sided heating on carrying bars
  • SIC floor covering of the heating elements
  • Kanthal® heating elements with a low surface load
  • TC 505: Zone control with maximum 2 firing segments
  • Optional TC 507: Zone control with up to 99 firing segments
  • Powder-coated enclosure and frame
  • ESP energy saving package (less power consumption due to highly insulating Microtherm® rear insulation)
  • SIC base cover – heat-permeable
  • Three-layer insulation for low energy consumption
  • Fire brick ASTM 26 in mechanically highly loaded regions
  • Adjustable door hinge
  • Door can be opened wide (approx. 180°)
  • Side panels with rear ventilation for low outside temperatures
  • 2-zone control
  • Bogie hearth kiln optionally on guided rollers or on rails


We are also happy to meet your special requirements.
Here are some further options:

  • Doors and hearth carts on both sides
  • Electric lifting door(s)
  • Exhaust air flap control
  • Manual or automatic air supply
  • Cooling by blower
  • Exhaust hood above the oven
  • Door hinge on the left
  • Additional rear swing door/lifting door
  • Additional bogie
  • Inspection hole in the door (incl. sealing plug)
  • 3-zone control (only with TC 505 or TC 507)
  • External power supply control (night current)
  • Solid state relay (noiseless) instead of contactor (low noise)
  • Max. temperature 1,400 °C
  • Electric bogie wheel drive, on rails
  • Special voltages
  • and a lot more…



Industrial-Line CTH model series

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to Kittec Industrial-Line kilns are available here.
Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.