STUDIO-LINE ECO electric top-loader, up to 1,320°C

The top-loaders in the ECO model series mainly have their one-piece body to thank for their excellent price/performance ratio, since it uses less material. With the ECO model series the essential features of a modern top-loader with KITTEC quality become aff ordable also to novices.

KITTEC Toplader ECO 185S

Features of model series ECO:

Deckelöffnung KITTEC Modellreihe CB

Lid can be opened wide (> 90°)

KITTEC Mehrschichtisolierung

Two-layer insulation: Lightweight refractory brick +high quality, ceramic fiber free insulation

KITTEC Rundumheizung

Heating elements on all sides for good heat distribution

Deckelverschluss KITTEC ECO

Lid lock (with lockable eyelet)

Gasdruckfeder-Unterstützung für leichteres Deckelöffnen

Gas pressure spring support for easy lid opening


Exhaust cowl at right-hand side, protected from condensation

KITTEC ECO Wendegestell

Reversible base, set to low and set to high

Further options of model series ECO:

  • Powder-coated base – in your choice of one of five colours
  • Stainless steel fastening clamps, welded on – rust-proof and easy moving
  • Continuous mortar-free brick lining reduces cracking
  • Lid joined without mortar
  • Reversible base for two possible working heights
  • Useful handles for secure and quick transport
  • Customised products by request

Optionally available:

KITTEC ECO Deckelheizung

Lid heating

Bodenheizung KITTEC Brennofen

Hearth heating

KITTEC ESP EnergieSparPaket

ESP Energy Saving Package


Hearth air inlet slide valve (without drip tray)

Rollen Profi bremsbar und unbremsbar

Transport castors (BASIC up to 120 kg and PROFESSIONAL up to 400 kg)

Schauloch in der Tür

Inspection hole (including bung)

Further options of model series ECO:

  • Semiconductor relay (noiseless)
    An electronic semiconductor relay is used instead of the electric contactor, and makes noiseless switching procedures possible during firing.
  • Levelling feet for compensating for floor unevenness
  • Flexible exhaust pipe
  • Different controllers available
  • Maximum temperature 1,350 °C
    Bricks, heating elements and insulation designed for 1,350 °C


All data subject to technical change without notice.

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC STUDIO-LINE kilns are available here. Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.