The KITTEC kilns in the PROFESSIONAL-LINE are the highlight of the new KITTEC era. The housing and the frame made from all-stainless steel are an unmistakeable feature. Feet with height adjustment are just as unique as the SiC ceiling plate and U-plates with rear ventilation.

The entire firing procedure is controlled by a digital controller. This gives you considerable flexibility with regard to choice of time and temperature, and also offers reliable fixed programmes (not for the TC44). To start the firing procedure, simply select a firing curve. The procedure then takes place automatically.

Due to the microprocessor control with the digitally storable firing curves and the exact temperature measurement with the platinum rhodium thermocouple, individual firing procedures are possible and can be repeated acurately any time. The controller that is the most appropriate for your application depends on your requirements and therefore on the firing curve you require.

The KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE includes top-loader and front-loader kilns with a firing chamber volume of 48 litres (X 45) to 1,053 litres (XR 1060). Choose the kiln that suits your ware.

Special tasks also require special kilns! KITTEC fulfils these tasks with professional customised products.

Let us know what you need! The kilns in the KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE are produced in small batches. The kilns are assembled by hand, and even the specially designed heated conductors made from Kanthal are wound by hand.

Adapting the electrical systems of our kilns to any voltage variants for our customers in countries or regions with a different power grid is not a problem.

We also have a solution for customers to whom commercial electricity is only available at off-peak times but who would like to program their controller during the day with an external power supply.

We use temperature-resistant cables and ensure that all stainless steel components are annealed in an environmentally friendly way. High-quality materials from renowned suppliers are assembled with precision by our experts. We only use non-carcinogenic insulating materials for our kilns in accordance with TRGS 905, class 1 or 2.

At the end of a final product inspection, a test-enigneer signs for the quality. Each KITTEC kiln will be your reliable partner for many years. We give a warranty of up to 3 years on the kilns. (excluding the heating elements)

Whichever way you look at it – the KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE is accommodating.

Türscharnier CT CL XT XR Industrie

Very robust, adjustable door hinge on the front loader kilns


Adjustable door lock (optionally with lockable eyelet)

KITTEC Gehäuserahmen Edelstahl

Stainless steel housing and frame


Bypass exhaust air nozzle, condensation-proof

KITTEC Mehrschichtisolierung

High quality and innovative multi-layer premium insulation

Gasdruckfeder-Unterstützung für leichteres Deckelöffnen

Easier lid opening thanks to supporting gas pressure spring system in top-loader kilns