CLASSIC-LINE CBRB, Raku ring kilns up to 1,150 °C

Raku – a firing technique from the Far East, has experienced a real boom over the last few years. Each ceramic item that is made is unique, unmistakeable and not reproducible. Anyone can develop their own technique for giving their ceramics a personal, individual touch. In many cases, this individuality requires an adaptable kiln.

The KITTEC CBRB Raku ring kiln provides many adaption options. In its basic version it consists of a lid ring, a base ring and three intermediate mounting rings. This basic version can be supplemented with a maximum of 7 additional mounting rings (each with a volume of 23 l).

A 20 kW burner is needed to reach the temperature of 1,150 °C. The Raku set with the 30 kW burner should be used from a model size of 135 l upwards.



Features of model series CBRB:

Stainless steel fastening clamps, welded on – rust-proof and easy moving

High-quality insulation for extremely short heat-up times

Gas pressure spring support for easy lid opening

Further features of model series CBRB:

  • Base plate including lightweight refractory brick blocks for the burner area
  • Housing surface made from stainless steel – rust-proof
  • Continuous mortar-free brick lining reduces cracking
  • Powder-coated base – in your choice of one of five colours
  • Removable base for easy transportation

Optionally available:

Raku burner, with mount

Bottle connector

2-bottle adapter

Temperature measurement – Thermal element and temperature indicator (battery-powered)

Transport castors, extra-large (up to 400 kg)

Levelling feet

Other available options:

  • Mains adapter 230 V for temperature indicator


Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC Classic-Line kilns are available here.
Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.