KITTEC Customised products

The right kiln for any application!


Special tasks also require special kilns! – KITTEC fulfils these tasks with professional customised products if necessary. If our standard product range does not yet cover your requirements, we would be pleased to take on the challenge of developing a suitable kiln for your application.

Sonderanfertigung Härteofen KITTEC CLM Modellreihe

Customised product for the metal processing industry: From the CLM model series, 3 m in length, for heat treatment of metal bars and shafts.

Sonderanfertigung Herdwagenofen

Customised product for the metal processing industry: Made-to-measure melting kiln. Bogie hearth furnaces with automatically extending bogie hearth for stress relief annealing of steel plates.

Sonderanfertigung für Laboreinsatz

Customised product for use in laboratories: Special laboratory muffle kiln with divided central opening.

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Apart from our standard range of products, we can also put together made-to-measure customised kilns. We can successfully implement a wide range of special constructions for a wide variety of applications. Working out customised products and kilns for you in accordance with your specifications is a welcome challenge for our technical team.

Sonderanfertigung Ausschmelzofen mit Sondermaß

Made-to-measure melting kiln: Special height for lost wax melting of extra-high casting moulds.

Sonderanfertigung mit separaten Brennöfen

Customised product for the glass processing industry: Three bell kilns with separate firing chambers placed on top of each other allow you to have different firing and cooling times.

Sonderanfertigung mit speziellen Rohrleitungssystemen

Customised product for a manufacturer of special pipeline systems: 3 m interior height, extending bogie hearth base.

Sonderanfertigung Härteofen CLM Modellreihe von KITTEC

Customised product for the metal processing industry: Based on the CLM model series, made from special acid-resistant stainless steel, with exhaust fan.

Sonderanfertigung offener High-Speed Spezialofen

Open high-speed special kiln with removable kiln ceiling: 12 kW output with usable capacity of 6 l reaches 1,100 °C in just a few minutes.

For more than 40 years, we have been specialists in kilns for a wide range of applications, from private use to industrial production. We will be happy to advise you personally which of our kilns is best suited to your needs. Our selection of kilns varies in design, size and desired temperature range.