Welcome to the premium class of firing equipment


With over 40 years, KITTEC is one of the most experienced kiln construction companies.


It all started with a milestone

Our tradition lies in one of Europe’s first top-loaders: When our predecessor company “Kittel” presented the CB 60 ceramic top-loader in 1979, there was hardly anything comparable in European kiln construction. Innovation and consistent further development have been characteristic of KITTEC from day one. The technology and equipment of our products were and still are designed for years of reliable use in workshops and industrial applications.

With more than 40 years under its belt, KITTEC is one of the most experienced kiln manufacturers. We have used these many years of experience to continuously optimise our kilns, and have repeatedly set standards in kiln construction. We use top quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers for our kilns. Assembly in our modern production facility is carried out with extreme precision by our experts. Our kilns leave the factory designed, assembled and tested with the utmost care, which is confirmed by the tester in the final inspection area by putting his name on the seal of approval.

And even after four decades, the drive for perfection still motivates us to develop new products and optimise well-tried designs.



Introduction of the CB 60. Our first compact kiln was a milestone in kiln construction. The advantageous design of the top-loader with heat transfer to the ware from all sides leads to excellent firing results.



The CB series from KITTEC becomes the new “reference” in kiln construction with the introduction of innovative multi-layer premium insulation.



Introduction of the door kiln series K 180 T to K 450 T.


The CB 125 is the first GS-tested kiln with the “clever” swinging lid mechanism.


The kilns of the new KITTEC X-LINE top-loader set new standards. Every model, from the X 40 to the X 210, has the same ergonomic working height and a guard bracket in the loading edge area. The well-tried “clever” lid opening is now supported by the X handle – the lid can be easily opened and closed by hand. All parts of the frame are made from stainless steel. Its pendulum mounting ensures that the lid always shuts tight – an innovation.



The new XR and XT front-loaders of the KITTEC X-LINE are the next highlight of the new KITTEC era. The entire construction is made from stainless steel. The base is height-adjustable. Our ceiling plate solution is also innovative.



The company introduces its own installation and delivery service – specially for our front-loaders.



KITTEC celebrates its 25th anniversary, and introduces the STUDIO-LINE CB front-loader and fusing top-loader.



The new CLASSIC-LINE front-loaders are successfully introduced at the Ceramitec specialist trade fair.



KITTEC presents the first bogie hearth furnace from its own production at Ceramitec 2009 with the CTH model series



In order to also fulfil the future requirements of our customers, the KITTEC X-LINE kilns were completely revised. The “KITTEC New Edition” backs up our claim of being able to offer our customers the best, unbeatable kiln quality.



KITTEC presents itself with a new design, a new catalogue and a web site.



KITTEC presents the new STUDIO-LINE ECO and CLASSIC-LINE CT 3 and CT 5 model series at the Ceramitec.

The new “Double” model variant with double insulation for the 230 V models is introduced.


40 years of KITTEC! On its big birthday, KITTEC moves into new offices in Taxisstraße 49, and celebrates a decade-long success story.