The technology and equipment of our products are designed for years of reliable everyday use in workshop and industrial applications. We only use top quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers for our kilns in the industrial area.

Our high-quality and innovative multi-layer premium insulation provides lower energy consumption and the fastest heating, also in the upper temperature range. The energy utilisation is highly efficient for design reasons. Specially designed Kanthal heating elements make reliable firing curves possible with the maximum possible service life. Assembly in the modern production facility is carried out with extreme precision by our specialists. We use temperature-resistant cables and ensure that all stainless steel components are annealed in an environmentally friendly way. We only use non-carcinogenic insulating materials for our kilns in accordance with TRGS 905, class 1 or 2. During final product inspection a test-engineer signs for the quality.

Adapting the electrical systems of our kilns to any voltage variants for our customers in countries or regions with a different power grid is not a problem. We also have a solution for customers to whom commercial electricity is only available at off-peak times but would like to program their controller during the day with an external power supply.

Particularly in the industrial area, very special requirements often exist for a wide range of applications. These special requirements also require special kilns! KITTEC fulfils this task with professional customised products. Please speak to our industrial adviser!

KITTEC Edelstahlbauteile

High-quality stainless steel components

KITTEC Mehrschichtisolierung

Extremely low outside temperatures thanks to multi-layer premium insulation

KITTEC Ausmauerung

Durable brick lining

KITTEC Industrieanwendung

Suitable for harshest industrial conditions

KITTEC Aufheizzeiten

Short heat-up times

KITTEC Temperaturverteilung

Uniform temperature distribution

KITTEC Thermocomputer TC 505

Convenient controllers for industrial use

KITTEC Spezialofen Industrieanwendung

Customised versions for individual industrial applications