INDUSTRIAL-LINE model series KTQ sintering kilns, up to 1,800°C

The KTQ model series developed for you is the result of decades of experience in industrial kiln construction. Our atmospheric sintering kiln for demanding thermal processes combines well-tried technology and innovative components. With chamber volumes of 5 l to 120 l, the KTQ model series covers the individual requirements of sintering kilns for your demanding thermal processes up to 1,800°C.

By customer request, the system can be equipped with automatic exhaust flap control, which is freely programmable by the operator within the temperature range of < 800°C. Programming and process gas control take place using the well-tried, self-developed input system via an HMI or an industrial controller.
Furthermore, an air supply system with and without air preheating, a process gas regulator or fibre-free insulation is optionally available.
The heating elements made from molybdenum disilicide or SiC with the optimised arrangement are the guarantee of uniform chamber temperatures and gas emission-free sintering. All heating elements are connected in parallel, meaning that in the event of an element break, only the affected one fails and the remaining ones continue to operate. Their symmetrical wiring and ease of access make quick replacement easier.


Features of model series KTQ:

  • Two-sided heating
  • SiC or molybdenum disilicide-heated kiln chamber
  • Heating elements with optimised arrangement
  • Very fast ramp rate and fast cooling
  • Fail-safe sintering process by means of parallel connection
  • Compact TC 707 program controller for firing curves with up to 99 segments and program storage locations.
  • Solid brick base
  • Universal loading options
  • Stable frame with 4 crane eyelets (not with KTQ 5)
  • KTQ 5 models are constructed as table-top models


  • The KTQ model series consists of 7 kiln sizes, each with 4 selectable maximum temperatures: 1,450°C, 1,600°C, 1,700°C or 1,800°C.
  • By request, both intermediate sizes and also optional components which improve your particular process can be implemented.
  • If you have any special requirements, we would be pleased to conduct a feasibility check and to provide you with an individual quote.

Optionally available:


Table-top model

KITTEC Brennofen Steuerung CLU

Different controllers available

Further options of model series KTQ:

  • Selectable maximum temperature
  • Fibre-free insulation
  • PLC control with touch-panel
  • Colour touch-screen with multilingual menu
  • Active air injection (heated or non-heated)
  • Automatic exhaust flap control
  • Program-controlled process gas supply
  • KTQ 5 as a floor-mounted appliance
  • Protective gas connection


All data subject to technical change without notice.

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC INDUSTRIAL-LINE kilns are available here. Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.