KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE XT model series, stainless steel electric front-loaders up to 1,320 °C

The Kittec XT series are heated by heating coils mounted on Sillimantin carrying bars.
The advantage: Free radiation of the heating elements. The elaborate, high-quality processing of the series along with these carrying bars guarantees the longest possible service life.

Of course, the XT model series also offers the five-sided all-round heating system with optimum temperature distribution for consistent homogeneous firing results. This ensures consistent high-quality results under the challenging day-to-day demands of professional craftsmanship and industry, for years to come.

Features of the XT model series:

  • Heating coils in the floor are protected by a highly heat-conducting SIC cover.



Professional-Line XT model series

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to Kittec Professional-Line kilns are available here.
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