INDUSTRIAL-LINE model series CLU circulating-air chamber kilns, up to 850°C

The KITTEC CLU kilns have a frame made from powder-coated sheet steel and an interior made from stainless steel. They are perfectly designed for stress relief annealing, tempering, precipitation and keeping warm.

KITTEC CLU 70 Frontlader offen

Features of model series CLU:

KITTEC Türscharnier

Industrial quality door hinge system, adjustable

KITTEC Tischmodell

Available as table-top models

Further features of model series CLU:

  • Short heat-up times
  • Temperature distribution within the usable space ±5°C (with soaking times of > 30 minutes), based on DIN17052
  • High-quality and energy saving insulation using mineral fibre boards
  • Horizontal air circulation
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Stainless steel side panels with rear ventilation for low outside temperatures fulfil the industrial standards
  • Heating system with long service life
  • CLU 15 comes as a table-top model, all others with removable pair of legs for easier transport

Optionally available:

KITTEC Brennofen Steuerung CLU

Various controllers available

Other available options for model series CLU:

  • PC connection including WinControl professional software
  • Protective gas connection
  • Semiconductor relay (noiseless)
    An electronic semiconductor relay is used instead of the electric contactor, and makes noiseless switching procedures possible during firing.


All data subject to technical change without notice.

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC INDUSTRIAL-LINE kilns are available here. Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.