Simple firing for a wide range of uses and real KITTEC quality at a particularly low price: The kilns in the STUDIO-LINE are our ideal starter models! By concentrating on the essential, the KITTEC STUDIO-LINE is also suitable for small financial budgets, but still has the usual outstanding processing quality. In addition to the excellent price/performance ratio, the well thought-out design and ease of operation of the kilns make the STUDIO-LINE extremely attractive for novices.

Our kilns are designed for regular use within the specified temperature range. They are carefully calculated, assembled and inspected and only then do they leave our facilities – for this purpose, the final check by the inspectors is marked on the seal of approval with their name.

You will receive our kilns through a specialised trader of your choice, who will provide you with advice and assistance.
We would be happy to name a partner near you.

Deckelverschluss mit verriegelbarer Öse

Deckel bei Topladern weit zu öffnen (> 90°)

Platin-Rhodium-Thermoelement zur Temperaturerfassung – verschleißfrei sowie bruchgeschützt montiert

Angeschweißte Edelstahl-Spannschellen, rostfrei und leichtgängig

Optional: rollbar (zwei der vier Rollen mit Feststellbremse)

Rundumbeheizung für gute Wärmeverteilung

Auf Wunsch in den Farben Anthrazit, Grün, Gelb, Rot, Silber

Einfach bedienbare Steuerung mit Übertemperaturschutz

Kanthal-Heizspiralen mit niedriger Oberflächenbelastung, gesichert gegen Verrutschen

Bypass-Abluftstutzen, kondenswassersicher

Hier geht es zu den neuen STUDIO-LINE Modellreihen: