INDUSTRIAL-LINE model series XA melting kilns, up to 850°C

The stainless steel KITTEC melting kilns in the XA model series are particularly designed for the so-called wax melting procedure, a forming procedure for casting metal and glass.
The models used to be made of wax, but nowadays more and more of them are made from plastic. The models are encased, which creates a cavity mould round the model. The original model now has to be “melted out” so that the residue-free cavity mould remains.
KITTEC melting kilns provide the suitable conditions for numerous mould  materials: Clays, prepared loams, quartz-sand mixtures or zirconium or olivine  sand with synthetic binding materials.
The entire firing procedure is controlled by a digital controller. This leaves you  with plenty of scope with regard to choice of time and temperature, but also has reliable fixed programmes. The microprocessor control with the digitally storable firing curves and the exact temperature measurement with the platinum rhodium thermocouple allows you to determine the firings yourself and repeat them exactly at any time. The controller that is the most appropriate for your application depends on the firing curve you require.

KITTEC Ausschmelzofen Modellreihe XA

Features of model series XA:


Stainless steel grate with outlet pipe through the base of the kiln

KITTEC Ausmauerung

Continuous mortar-free brick lining reduces cracking

Gasdruckfeder-Unterstützung für leichteres Deckelöffnen

Gas pressure spring support for easy lid opening


Extra-large exhaust air opening at side with bypass exhaust air system

Further features of model series XA:

  • Long-lasting Kanthal heating elements
  • ESP Energy Saving Package: High-quality and innovative multi-layer premium insulation for low energy consumption
  • Tight-closing swinging lid system by means of unique pendulum mounting
  • Stainless steel frame, rust-proof
  • Lightweight refractory brick ASTM 26 at the upper body edge, which is subjected to the most stress
  • Lid lock with lockable eyelet
  • Large lid opening angle – the opening allows access to the complete firing chamber diameter
  • Practical, decentralised X-handle (side)
  • Stainless steel guard bracket in front of the loading edge
  • Stainless steel mount for controller on side of kiln
  • Transport castors on the rear axle
  • Customised products possible at any time

Optionally available:

KITTEC Abluftschlauch flexibel

Flexible exhaust pipe

KITTEC Brennofen Steuerung CLU

Different controllers available

KITTEC Auffangwanne

Heated drip tray with lid

Further options of the model series XA:

  • Cylindrical stainless steel retort with milling in the lid and heating element protection
  • Lid handle and controller on the right, exhaust on the left
  • Heating for outlet pipe stainless steel grate (including on/off toggle switch)
  • Semiconductor relay (noiseless)
    An electronic semiconductor relay is used instead of the electric contactor,
    and makes noiseless switching procedures possible during firing.
  • 2-zone or 3-zone controller


All data subject to technical change without notice.

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC INDUSTRIAL-LINE kilns are available here. Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.