KITTEC‘s CLASSIC-LINE isn’t just suitable only for sporadic use in schools or as a hobby. With their robust and sturdy construction, these kilns offer a long service life and qualify for frequent use. We are talking about kilns with a classic design, „as you know it“. With their high-quality finishing and a balanced price/performance ratio they are an interesting alternative also for professionals. The KITTEC CLASSIC-LINE kilns with their 3- or 5-sided heating
ensure an all-round optimal temperature distribution. Heating is provided by premium heating elements, which either lie well-protected in brick grooves or are installed on support bars to ensure an even more efficient heat emission and a higher life-expectancy.

Platinum rhodium thermocouple for temperature detection – mounted free of wear and break-proof

High-quality industrial plug connection for kilns and control, standard IP55

Joint-less mortar-free firing chamber protects against cracking in the fire bricks

Stainless steel plates on the sides, at the door and the lintel

Wall bracket for control unit

Steel frame powder-coated, upon request in the colours anthracite, green, yellow, red, silver, or blue

Lockable stainless steel door lock

Perforated sheet metal on the kiln to protect against heat and moisture

Chassis can be taken apart for easy transport

Very robust, adjustable door hinge



These links lead to the Classic Line model series:

  • CL model series with heating coils in grooved bricks with either 3-sided or 5-sided heating
  • CT model series with heating coils mounted on Sillimantin support bars with either 3-sided or 5-sided heating