PROFESSIONAL-LINE XR electric front-loader, up to 1,320°C

The KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE front-loaders in the XR model series are characterised by being heated using heating elements in grooved bricks. The coils are integrated in the wall structure, where they are well protected.

5-sided heating from the rear wall, the sides, the door and the base provides optimum all-round temperature distribution. We have consciously decided to use a kiln housing made from rust-proof stainless steel, since all bright components reflect the heat. Not only are the side walls made from stainless steel, but also the entire kiln housing, including the frame! Additional rear ventilation optimises the best insulation characteristics. The icing on the cake in the truest sense of the word is the stainless steel frame on top of the front-loader with integrated perforated sheet metal. You can put your damp items on here to dry before bisque firing them in the kiln.

KITTEC Elektro-Frontlader XR

Features of model series XR:

KITTEC Gehäuserahmen Edelstahl

Stainless steel housing and frame

KITTEC höhenverstellbare Füße

Pairs of legs with adjustable height (not with XR 1060)


Hearth air inlet slide valve including drip tray


Adjustable door lock (optionally with lockable eyelet)

KITTEC XR 150 Rillensteine

Heating elements in grooved bricks

Further features of model series XR:

  • Optimum heat distribution thanks to 5-sided heating.
  • ESP Energy Saving Package: High-quality and innovative multi-layer premium insulation, low energy consumption and fastest heating, even in the upper temperature range.
  • Adjustable door hinges.
  • Drying surface with integrated perforated sheet metal on top of the kiln
  • Stable SiC ceiling plate – no contamination from above
  • SiC bottom cover for the heating elements with a maximum of thermal conductivity
  • Continuous mortar-free brick lining reduces cracking
  • Extremely solid lightweight refractory brick ASTM 26 in regions with considerable mechanical stress
  • Wide door opening angle for easy loading (approx. 150°)
  • Bypass exhaust air nozzle on the right side, condensation-proof
  • Customised products by request

Optionally available:

Schauloch in der Tür

Inspection hole (including bung)

X-Front Rollen

Transport castors (up to 1,000 kg)

KITTEC Beladegestell CT

Loading rack

Further options for model series XR:

  • Door hinge and exhaust left, controller right
  • Exhaust flap control (only with TC 505, 507, 705 or 707)
  • Supply air flap control (only with TC 505, 507, 705 or 707)
  • 2-zone controller (only with TC 505, 507, 705 or 707)
  • 3-zone controller (only with TC 505, 507, 705 or 707)
  • Cooling fan, manual or automatic (only with TC 505, 507, 705 or 707)
  • Different controllers available
  • Maximum temperature 1,350°C
    Bricks, heating elements and insulation designed for 1,350°C
  • Semiconductor relay (noiseless)
    The electronic semiconductor relay is used instead of the protection contact, and allows noiseless switching procedures during firing.
  • Levelling feet for compensating for floor unevenness
  • Flexible exhaust pipe


All data subject to technical change without notice.

Appropriate firing sets, tools and additional equipment to KITTEC PROFESSIONAL-LINE kilns are available here. Should you have questions about this model series or wish to get more information or customized advice, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.